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We offer full credit classes for students in grades 6-12 in composition and literature.

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Shut Down Got You Down?

We can help!

Providing a vibrant writing community is what we do!

While most students have plenty of support from their home districts, a lot of them miss the classroom and connection. We are here to support 6th-12th grade students with creative writing classes, skills workshops, and one-on-one tutoring within an engaged community.

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If you or your friends have been affected by the shut down, we can help you keep up with your writing, whether you need help or simply want a way to stay creative!

Workshop Intensives

Our 4-week workshops offer students the opportunity to practice skills or build their creative portfolio. Classes feature:

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  • A degreed professional instructor
  • Specific feedback on every assignment
  • Opportunities to enter creative writing contests
  • Weekly assignments and instruction

Online classes include creative writing, poetry, thesis essays, college admissions and scholarship workshops, and grammar refreshers. For students in 6th-12th grade.

Next Session begins September 14th.

How it Works

Simply click on the buttons below to check out our workshops for middle and high schoolers. Any grades 6-12 student: private, public, or homeschooled can enroll.

  • Pick your class and register!
  • Spend 1-2 hours a week being creative in a community!
  • Have finished products for contests, college, or fun!

We aren't interested in overwhelming students, but coming alongside of them to encourage something that they love!

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Year-long classes for homeschoolers
Workshop Intensives and paper evaluations for all students

Next Supplemental Seminar begins September 14, 2020
Annual classes for 2020-2021 begin September 7, 2020

What is Write from the Heart?

Write from the Heart is an online program designed to teach composition and literature. The regular 30-week full credit classes are designed for homeschoolers grades 6-12. Workshop Intensives are available for private, public, or homeschooled students in grades 6-12. All classes allow students to interact with their peers while receiving individualized instruction from a writing coach. We offer classes in composition as well as literary study. We seek to provide a quality education that both challenges and encourages each student.

At Write from the Heart, we believe that:

  • Every child has a unique voice that should be heard.
  • Having an audience of both peers and professionals is integral to a child’s creative process in the field of writing and literary discovery.
  • Coaching should be specific and individualized for every child and should identify what is done correctly as often as what is done incorrectly.
  • Writing is improved through diligent revisions, constructive encouragement, and knowledgeable coaching.
  • Literary selections should be discussed in a way that considers the worldview of both the author and the reader.
  • Online learning should be flexible as well as rigorous.

Above all, we believe that education is a personal journey of discovery. It is shaped by the personality of the child, the beliefs and values of the child’s family, and the experiences that the child encounters. It should never be undervalued. We desire to come alongside parents in helping each child through that personal journey.

Veldorah Rice
Veldorah Rice, Owner
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