Multigenre Research Projects

Composition Classes

Examples from Level A

Abigail L. – The Life of William Shakespeare

David E. – Ben Carson: A Man with Gifted Hands

Ryan S. – The Life of Alvin York

Examples from Level B

Anya R. – Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Teacher, Theologian, and Fearless Martyr

Madeleine Y. – Helen Keller

Caleb C. – Mary I

Examples from Level 2

Daniel B. – Christopher Columbus: A Great Man?

Mary P. – Abraham Lincoln

Examples from Level 3

Sarah F. – Bethany Hamilton

Sarah P. – Apollo 13: The Tragic Flight

Sarah S. – Hurrucane Katrina: A Horrifically Devistating Storm

Examples from Level 4

Benjamin C. – Winston Churchill: The Making of a Prime Minister

Bethany L. – Queen Elizabeth I of England

Erin T. – Rosa Parks: Catalyst of the Civil Rights Movement

Literature Classes

Examples from Literature 1

Alex B. – John Bunyan

Sarah C. – Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Bronte: Out of Obscurity

Katie W. – Harriet Beecher Stowe, Voice of the Oppressed

Examples from Literature 2

Ashley A. – Mark Twain: Universally Revered American Author

Hannah C. – Micro or Macro? Charles Darwin and Two Forms of Evolution

AP English Class

The AP English students were tasked with exploring the connection between postmodernism, literature, and contemporary society. They had the option of utilizing multi-genre techniques or creating a traditional research paper.

Carrie D. – Postmodernism and View of Death

Courtney S. – Multiculturalism: An Integration Issue

Cullen S. – The Impact of Mobile Technology on Human Interaction

Independent Study Class

The Customized Independent Study class completed an individual year-long project that focused on one discipline. Utilizing their writing skills, they created a book-length final product. What appears here are excerpts from the chapters in those books.

Noelle R. – The History of India

Note: Due to the large size of some of these papers, they make take a while to load.