Paper Evaluations

Have a paper for your history class that you just aren’t sure is organized correctly?

Want a professional to review your college application essay?

Turning in a big research paper and want to make sure your citations are accurate?

Teaching your elementary age child composition and need feedback?

Want to submit an independent piece to a creative writing contest and desire input?

Professional Evaluations of Individual Papers

Our Paper Evaluation service is designed to give you professional feedback before you turn your work in with another institution. It is flexible to meet your needs and assignment criteria. This service is available for:

Our evaluators are all degreed professionals with years of experience reviewing papers. Your completed draft can be evaluated one time or put through a rigorous three-conference review process. All submissions will take five working days to return. You will need to include any materials or information to the reviewer along with your paper.

Please note: Students taking WFTH classes receive these evaluations on their assignments as part of the class. However, students are welcome to submit any essay, creative work, or paper written independently or for another class for evaluator feedback.

Choose Your Service

One Time Evaluation: You can submit a completed draft of your paper, and it will be evaluated for content, voice, organization, grammar, and mechanics. Your evaluator will insert comments directly into your paper, making suggestions and asking questions. The feedback will be specific to the assignment that you provide and purpose of the work. Your paper will be reviewed by a professional and returned within 5 working days.

Three Conference Review: You can submit a draft of your paper, and an evaluator will respond up to three times total on your draft and revisions. In the first response, your evaluator will ask questions to encourage critical thinking about the development and organization of the piece; in the second response, your evaluator will ask follow up questions and give further help with organization and voice; in the last response, your evaluator will comment on content, voice, organization, grammar, and mechanics. All drafts will have comments and feedback inserted directly into the draft. Each draft will be returned within 5 working days of submission.

Paper Evaluation Prices