Write from the Heart began in 2005 by Denise Botsford. Denise discovered that during the junior high years and through high school, more and more families were abandoning homeschooling because of a lack of parental confidence in teaching higher level subjects. At the same time, she saw that her own children were no longer as motivated to write with only her as their audience, or for the sole purpose of sticking something in a portfolio. She felt like she was asking them to play a team sport by themselves. They needed the team. So, in an effort ultimately to provide for her own children, but also to serve other parents who perhaps felt ill-equipped, she designed an on-line writing course for junior high students.

The class met a need and struck a chord in the homeschool community here in the United States and also abroad.  After just a year and many requests from parents for instruction through the high school years, it became clear that additional classes were needed.  A new instructor, Veldorah Rice, joined the Write from the Heart team to develop the high school curriculum.  In 2007, Veldorah premiered the first of what would become numerous Advanced Composition classes: Literature I & II, World Literature, AP English, and an Independent Study program.

Veldorah Rice has since moved into the position of directing Write from the Heart after Denise Botsford’s retirement.  Write from the Heart continues to expand with new coaches, more students, and innovative technology.  However, our main goal has not changed: we continue to desire to provide a high quality English program to homeschooled students around the world.