2018-2019 Paragraph Contest Winners – Middle School

Each year, Write from the Heart holds a writing contest among students. They’re given different prompts or styling criteria and asked to write something unique. And, the students never fail to exceed expectations. The following submissions are this year’s winners listed by grade level.

6th Grade
Lucas H., Washington

The Benefits of Team Sports

Playing a team sport is helpful in many ways. It will help people become physically stronger, allow people to push themselves mentally, encourage people to communicate and work together with teammates. Moving around while playing a team sport will strengthen the immune system. This will prevent people from some sickness and injuries. When people play a team sport, they will push themselves mentally to become better players.This will give them a positive attitude, so they will work harder on everything they do. Playing a sport can also allow players to know each other and become friends. This will help people to communicate and work together with their teammates which will improve communication skill. Team sports will help lots of people in their daily lives and tasks.

7th Grade
Elizabeth H., Virginia

Trip to Alaska

I love to travel. My family and I have driven across the United States several times.  This summer, I drove across the United States and Canada to visit my cousins in Alaska. At first, my mom was skeptical about driving to Alaska because it was so far away. But we ended up going, and we all had a great time! First, we stopped in Wisconsin and saw the Laura Ingles Wilder Museum. We got to see quilts from their old house, pictures of them, and a remake of their old sod house, which they had to move to during the war. Then, we stopped in Montana and went to Yellowstone National Park. It was amazing to see Yellowstone’s comeback from the fire, as we had visited in 2013 when it had just been burned in the wild fire. Now in 2018, the park has flourished with greenery and baby trees.

Next, we headed up into Canada through the Rocky Mountains and went to Banff National Park. My family and I went to a pool that had hot spring water flowing in it. It didn’t feel like a real hot springs because it just looked like a regular pool. After that, we drove to a provincial park and went to Liard Hot Springs. I loved it there because it was natural and remote, and it had a lot of plants and trees around it. We drove from there to Alaska. When we got to the border, we stopped and took pictures. There were mountains all around us that were so beautiful and that reflected off of the lake across the road from us. There was a bench in the middle of the border line that I sat on, so I was in the Yukon and Alaska at the same time!

After almost a month of travel, we were finally there! When we reached my cousin’s house, I was so exited and nervous at the same time because I had not seen them in years. Traveling is so important to me because I get to see the world.

8th Grade
Aaron C., Pennsylvania

Playing Through Time

It sounds impossible right? To have a video game that actually teaches you history, but it’s not.  Assassin’s Creed is a video game about, well… assassins, yet with a twist. Ubisoft entertainment does a remarkable job of engaging you in their story, while also immersing you in history. This game, although fictional, is based on real events, places, and people in our human odyssey. Ironically, in my history class, I am learning about the Italian Renaissance; as I play the video game, Assassin’s Creed:Revelations, which is set in Constantinople, Italy during the Renaissance Era, I realize what a painstaking process Ubisoft went through to get all of these small details correct.

The people, for example, are always busy with painting, sculpting, forging, banking, fishing, and countless other daily routines during the late 1300s into the early 1600s.

Secondly, the structures always have bricks and scaffolding jutting out of them for the player to climb up. You may think these features are incorporated purely for the player’s exploration, and didn’t actually exist back then. On the contrary, most of these buildings actually did have scaffolding, ladders, and footholds secured onto them for construction and repair at that time.

Lastly, the weapons and clothing of the soldiers, peasants, and the player are all characteristic of the time period. For example, your avatar doesn’t have modern weapons. Instead, you have a sword or an axe, a crossbow, and hand-to-hand combat to eliminate your enemies as you wish.   All of these details come together to make you feel that you are truly living in the Renaissance period.

In summary, what better way to absorb history than to visually experience it? Assassin’s Creed is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to get the feel of history in a fun, fast-paced, and interactive environment. After playing this game, I will never forget the Italian Renaissance.