7 Reasons Why Summer Classes are the Best Thing Ever

With summer slowly advancing, most students are counting down to their final days of work, feeling excited by all the possibilities summer has to offer. And, one of those opportunities is summer classes! Turns out there are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t ditch those school supplies just yet. Take a look!

#1: Online classes provide variety in your homeschooling curriculum.

Perhaps you’ve been working with worksheets, workbooks, and homework apps. That’s a whole lot of ‘work’ in there. But, by taking advantage of summer classes offered by online programs, you can get a little variety to your learning style! Who knows? You might find a program you absolutely love and want to continue during your regular year!

Summer class low key vibe

#2: There are fewer distractions because you’re only enrolled in one course.

You know how the year goes. It’s math, then science, followed by history. You have to make time for language, and at some point, you probably want to work on life skills. But, if you’re taking a summer course, you get to focus in on that one subject. You’ll retain more information since your attention won’t be spread across the whole gamut of a curriculum.

#3: They’re shorter terms.

The typical school year lasts anywhere from 30-36 weeks in total. But, in the summer, your classes are much shorter. They usually only last 4-6 weeks tops! So, while these classes run during your vacation time, it definitely won’t take up the whole break.

#4: You keep your skills sharp.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “use it or lose it?” Those definitely apply to your academic skills. If you let those skill get rusty over a 3-month break, chances are that you’ll have a slower start at the beginning of the school year. Take a summer class to help you get in a little practice and set yourself up for success for the following school year.

#5: The weather is fantastic. Hello, outdoor study session by the pool!Summer class studying outside

Seriously. What’s more inspirational for a writing class than relaxing by a pool, sitting by a lake, or even huddling in a tent with only a lantern to light your pages? Take advantage of the weather to add a little fresh air to your curriculum.

#6: Summer classes tend to have a more relaxed vibe.

There’s just something about those sunny days and weeks of sleeping in that give a summer class a more relaxed feel to it. Deadlines don’t seem as rushed, and everyone is in a great mood. Even the teachers are excited to be a part of this wonderfully cheerful environment.


#7: You can take a class that’s fun.

Time to put away the calculus exams and to dump the physics books in the back of a closet somewhere. Summertime offers a variety of courses that are just plain fun. Want to write a little poetry? Or, maybe you’ve been thinking of writing a short story. This summer is the opportunity to work on those skills and enjoy what you’re doing.


So, whether you’re hoping to get ahead on your studies, to keep those skills sharp, or just plain looking for something entertaining to help fill those sunny summer days, a summer class has just what you’re looking for!


Want to see a few of the summer classes that Write from the Heart has to offer? Check out our Summer Institute!