Coach Interview: Katie Wolfe

Meet the Coaches Series

Write from the Heart has an amazing staff of coaches who work with the students.  All the coaches are degreed professionals passionate about working with homeschoolers.  Coaches do a lot more at Write from the Heart than grade papers—they are available daily to help students, discuss homework, facilitate literature discussions, and encourage each student individually through the writing process.  Write from the Heart is an interactive class, and a big part of that is the wonderful coaches.  In this series, we hope that you can get to know our staff even better.

First up is Katie Wolfe.  Katie was one of the first Write from the Heart (WFTH) coaches when the program began.  She worked for three years and then took some time off to have two beautiful little girls.  Now that they are school age, she is excited to be able to return to coaching.  This year will mark her second year since her hiatus.  She is a graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and a Masters of Education degree in Literacy with Reading Specialist Certification. She and her husband live in western PA with their two little girls and their dog. She also enjoys spending time with her family and serving in the Children’s Ministry at church.

Katie serves as the Basic Composition coach and enjoys working with 6th and 7th graders, especially ones who are reluctant writers. 

Why were you interested in teaching writing?

I have been a lifelong reader, and my interest in writing grew out of my love for reading. During my graduate studies for Reading Specialist certification, I observed a great need in younger students to develop their ideas more fully, organize them correctly, and add personal voice to their writing to make it their own.  I believe reading and writing go hand in hand, and that each improves the other. Great books and writings don’t just magically happen, so I wanted to help younger students unlock their ability to ‘write from the heart’!

What drew you to WFTH?

I appreciated the flexibility that online teaching would give me as a young mother, in addition to the fantastic WFTH curriculum. The WFTH writing curriculum is so comprehensive—even at the Basic level students can begin to develop the important foundations of writing, such as grammar, organization, developing ideas, and using their own voice.  The support system for WFTH is also great for both coaches and students. I always felt connected and encouraged throughout my coaching, and I try to pass that on to my students.

What do you like about teaching online?

One of the most amazing things about teaching online is the ability to interact with students who may live across the country or even on another continent. Several years ago, one of my students lived halfway around the world, and I was able to teach him and see his incredible progress throughout the school year. Knowing that I made a positive impact on someone’s life, even though we were far apart, was amazing to me!

I also like the fact that teaching online allows me to stay at home with my girls and be there to take care of them, help them with their schoolwork, or take them to the playground when my work is done. Online teaching offers me so much flexibility in this season of my life, yet it is very rewarding!

What do you do with your family that you enjoy the most?

I enjoy hands-on activities with my family, whether it is baking, sewing a craft, gardening, or planting flowers. Being outside with my family is definitely one of my favorite things, and we take many day trips to the park, the zoo, the playground, or the community garden.

What do you like about being a mom?

I like watching my girls grow into their own individual selves and being there to encourage them as they grow. Although my girls are young, they each have their own distinct personalities and ideas, and they are very different from one another! However, it is fun to see them use their unique creativity to explore the world  around them. I love watching them discover new things with their boundless curiosity. I guess that is the teacher in me!


If you’d like the opportunity to work with Mrs. Wolfe, or any of the amazing Write from the Heart coaches, check out our classes here, or contact us.